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Subsidy & Pro-bono 
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As a social enterprise, we want to help you move forward and start the next chapter of your life.
Divorce Management allocates a portion of our time and resources to serve racialized groups, low-income families and victims of abuse. The selection process is based on the number of applicants, their needs and our ability to make a difference in a client’s life.

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Our sessions will be confidential and we do not disclose any personal information to third parties.
Our notes will be for personal use only and will be kept generic to avoid potential breaches of information.
A divorce coach is not a therapist. Coaching is designed to focus on taking the actions to help you accomplish the goals that you define. Clients must accept responsibility for their own mental health throughout the process, but we can provide resources and referrals if needed.
We cannot provide legal or financial advice, but we work with a network of family lawyers and financial planners that can assist when needed.
As part of the coach’s professional designation, reporting the number of hours in coaching means that your name and coaching hours may be reported to the certifying body. This remains confidential information and is solely for the required reporting Acknowledging this agreement constitutes your permission to report our coaching hours.
If you qualify for subsidy or pro-bono services, we will contact you to confirm the name of your coach, the number of sessions that will be available to you and the associated rate ($0 to $75/session).

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